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Default Huge Appetite.

Hi All

Hubby is going through the huge appetite stage, he never seems to stop eating or snacking ... mainly chocolate bars, biscuits and cooked meats, of which he ate a full pack and a half yesterday, but his cholesterol which is already managed by tablets is going up again ... does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to manage this or suggestions to swap these snacks for something else. He was drinking 6 or 7 cans of coke a day too but I've stopped buying those as he then couldn't sleep. It really is a vicious circle these days 😣.

Jo x
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Default Re: Huge Appetite.

Hi Jojo
I'm not sure what stage your husband's HD is at or whether he is very oveweight, so this may not be helpful, but my husband used to eat loads of sweets and chocolates etc and I used to worry, but now he doesn't eat as many, and yet I wish he would as he is becoming skinny because he can't eat decent-sized meals as he starts to feel full. If your husband is having lots of movements, you're probably aware that he needs to keep his calorie intake up - I used to console myself with that thought and try to worry less about his bad diet, but I also got him to agree to take a multivitamin and mineral tablet in case he wasn't getting the right things via his diet. I also weighed things up in my mind and decided that his HD was likely to cause him a problem before any deficiency caused by poor eating habits did, so I decided to just let him get on with it. If your husband is anything like mine, he may well come out of this phase, or at least cut down naturally over time anyway.
I know exactly how you feel - it's hard when you're trying to do the right thing for them but you feel like you're on your own with it and you don't know what's best to do.
Hope this is of some use, even if it just gives you some small comfort.
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Default Re: Huge Appetite.

Hi Jojo and Monica

I’ll state the obvious b4 I move on to diet and nutrition. Make sure that he brushes his teeth properly and regularly otherwise he could have problems later on with eating regular meals.

Get your GP to put you in contact with an NHS Dietitian (or Dietician). They can do home (domiciliary) calls which is much better for the HD person than waiting at a hospital.

My son has been through the phase you describe and, with great Support and Care, he is now eating and drinking properly for his personal health situation. However, he now has to maintain 5,000 calories a day (twice the regular male intake) to keep his weight in check. He is at the stage where he requires a Speech and Language Therapist for both his eating, swallowing and his speech. Both SALTs visit him at his home and he has a very good relationship with them.

Get your GP to put you in contact with an NHS SALT - whoops, I’ve just read that he was refusing to go a while back. They can also do home (domiciliary) calls which is much better for the HD person than waiting at a hospital.

I’m with Monica in letting him enjoy his favourite “food comforts” but in Dave’s case it seems to be a bit extreme. Is it possibly due to any prescription medication for his HD or have you been trying the H&B Cannabidiol (or similar). We actually stopped the Cannabidiol as my son was beginning to lose weight again.

It was almost as though he had an obsessive-compulsive food phase travelling alongside his other obsessive-compulsive “addictions”: excessive computer gaming; TV chefs; TV comedians; phoning his bank in the middle of the night for his account balance (they are excellent and courteous with him); phoning 118 118 as soon as anything (according to him) went wrong. He still loves his chefs and comedians but all the other stuff has gradually disappeared.

My son has snacks, chocolate bars, prawn crackers and other soft snacks available - and as he lives an individual life in his flat with excellent Support and Care - everything eaten is logged. He also has an odd sleeping pattern so his main meals may be: “breakfast” at 4pm; “lunch” at 9pm; and “evening meal” at 2am … or on a similar timescale through the 24 hour cycle. HD individuals living in the family home with spouse are, I think, more likely to sleep and eat at socially accepted regular times.

On a brighter note, he now has some of his favourite meals blended as soups: roast beef dinner; sweet and sour chicken; spaghetti carbonara, etc. Other meals he has mashed and thoroughly enjoys them all … although I’m not sure how a pulverized pizza would go down!

In all seriousness, I think it’s the HD-brain mismanaging the normal nutritional structure, giving out the wrong messages - like having mixed up on and off switches. Sometimes the right thing happens but, more often than not, the mischievous huntingtin takes over and O-C behaviour takes centre stage for a while. As Monica says, this phase will pass.

Best wishes

New Day; New Outlook; New Challenges; New Possibilities; New Outcomes; New Successes
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Old 27-09-18, 09:18 AM   #4
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Default Re: Huge Appetite.

Hi Monica and Alkan

Dave is middle stages and his weight has been maintaining now for a couple of years. It does seem like its an obsessive behaviour and thinking about it he always had a sweet tooth so the chocolate and biscuits aren't a worry I was more worried about the salt intake with the cooked meats. The doctor has increased his medication for the cholestoral so we'll just have to see how it goes and hopefully it'll phase our like yous said. We did try the CBD oIl and it didn't make any difference at all so we scrapped that.

Dave is under SALT team again and we are trying to put into practice their advice.

As for teeth brushing he does have an electric toothbrush to make it easier but he says he can't do it for the two minutes, I'm already shaving him now and don't want to take over his teeth just yet as I feel he needs to have some sort of control over his personal hygiene, he does have mouth wash which he'll use sometimes.

But onwards and upwards we go. 🤗

Thanks for the advice.

Jo x
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