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Old 04-09-18, 10:56 AM   #1
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Default Dating since being diagnosed

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with HD 2 years ago and since then I've had my fair share of heartache!

Receiving the diagnosis itself felt like my heart had shattered into a thousand pieces. I travelled Asia to try and put things into perspective. When I came back from travelling, a guy I had been dating on and off with for 10 years proposed to someone else (after seeing us both behind our backs) which was very painful.

Since then my anxiety has been awful. I started to date someone new at Christmas time last year, and ended up falling pregnant, which was completely unexpected as he had had a vasectomy! I then had to make a decision as to what to do with the baby...which was another heartache I'd rather not talk about.

Anyway, I've been dating someone now for 4 months, and it actually seems to be going very well. I do have my moments where I doubt where they are and who they're with! Is this an early symptom of HD thing or simply from having ex's that cheated?

I do get angry at stupid things, like when stuck in traffic, or doing the food shopping! Little things which never used to bother me. My short term memory is also quite bad. I used to be compliance assistant for accountancy firm - deadlines, meetings, correspondence with regulators, and now they've asked me to be office manager - more focus on marketing, recruitment etc. I think the move has worked in both our favours as few deadlines and pressure, but I can't help but feel like they've done this to avoid me having a meltdown in the future (like I did at Christmas when I fell pregnant)!!

I've been going to monthly support groups on the island, and go annually to the Walton centre. It is hard to attend both of these when generally I feel well in myself, and you see others who are later on in the illness and its almost a flashforward as to what to expect, which does make me really sad.

I did just buy my first property which is a ground floor flat (had to be practical for the future!) so that's a good turnaround for this year. and a kitten :)

most days I wake up and feel grateful to be alive. Some days though its the opposite and it feels like I'm in a bad dream. Does anyone else feel like that?

Anyway I just wanted to chat to people in a similar position.

Loraine xxx
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Default Re: Dating since being diagnosed

Hi Lorraine nice too meet you i totally get what your saying it's so true one day is ok the next a nightmare I'm actually regretting knowing because any little thing that happens road rage anxiety etc I think is this the start!!!! But if we had never known about hd would we feel so worried!!! Its a roller coaster like you I've been too meetings etc and usually come out feeling more scared as I said I get days were I could take on the world and others where I just want too stay under the covers and feel sorry for myself but I have a family so I have too go on im really sorry to hear about your pregnancy that must of been extreamly difficult and as for relationships you will find someone who understands my husband don't get it at all too him i look and seem normal so when i freak out about being hd positive he just tells me we're all going to die of something bless him trying to be helpful if only they knew eh anyway I wish you lots of love health and most importantly strenghxxx
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