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Testing, or at risk Discuss testing for Huntington’s disease, and living with the risk of HD

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Default Psychological Testing

Good morning all,

I had an appointment yesterday with a psychologist for a baseline evaluation. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this but it was just a series of tests relating to memory recall, following numbers sequences, answering general knowledge questions etc. I have to go back on Tuesday to get the results from the test. For those people who have taken the test already, did this form part of your counselling process? If so, how did you get on? The psychologist was asking me about my decision to get tested and as yet, I still haven't come to that decision 100% but I am going through the process anyway up and until it comes to doing the blood test. I may even go as far as doing that so that the results are there as and when I feel ready to collect them. Anyway, the lady said to me "Isn't the worst thing in the world to live with doubt when you could know one way or the other". She made a good point but I'm still not sure whether finding out is the best thing for me yet.

For those of you who have been through this and tested positive, would you say that it is now better for you to live with that knowledge or would you rather go back to living in doubt?!

Thanks for listening!

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Default Re: Psychological Testing

Hi Paula,

I'm positive as you know. It's hit me hard and I've struggled to get on my feet since. This is going to be the worst time for me and eventually I will get out of it and get on with life. Even with this I'm happy I know my results and wouldn't want it any other way.

It's a personal choice, you will know what choice you want to make eventually hun.

Tc, Matt.
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Default Re: Psychological Testing

Hey Nelly

As you know ive recently been tested after putting it off for 12 years, I knew before I got tested that i'd be alright with a positive result. Ive had my positive result for the last 2 weeks, the 1st few days I felt really down but as I went back to work and got back into daily life I've just gone back to the normal life I was living before. I hate the sounds of the UK process, sounds like they really draw it out and make you think about it just a bit too much, like DH said to me when I went to get the results 'its just a bit of knowledge... the sun will still rise and the birds will still be singing in the morning' and he was right ...well kinda right.. I woke up to Hurricane Edouard, it was grey and miserable and the birds werent singing, but they were the day after :)

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Default Re: Psychological Testing

I had some psychometric testing as well during the counseling stage. I've also signed up for a battery of tests and studies which obviously come complete with a LOT of tests - all in the name of setting benchmarks so any future changes can be measured and investigated. As I type I'm wearing a little box thing on my wrist as I'm taking part in a sleep study in a couple of weeks time.

Do I regret being tested? No.
Do I regret being HD+? Well, it's not the best thing that I've ever found out...

However, I'm glad I know because I can now do something about it. Taking part in the studies means I might help to find the drugs combo that pushes back the onset by years. I have no intention of becoming symptomatic. Not going to happen.
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