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Research, drugs, treatment, new diagnosis Forum for medical issues, and for the recently diagnosed (and families)

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Default Re: Mematine

I'm clueless on this kind of stuff. But from what I know is that Memantine helps against HD symptoms by giving a small dose, a larger dose of Memantine actually helps HD progress so it's important the dose is right. This is all new though and Barb whose in Canada goes to Dr Michael Haydens clinic in Vancouver, Dr Hayden is one of (if not) the top HD scientist in the world. Which is why Barb is getting Memantine already when hardly anyone else is. So it's in early stages and it may take time to filter down to all of us, but there's no harm pushing that timeline along if you can! Because it looks certain that it does indeed help.
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Default Re: Mematine

I think because it is approved for other conditions it is possibly available. I am not too sure though as I dont seem to be able to find anyone in the uk who is taking it! I guess as it is approved for other conditions it is as safe as can be. What is missing is clinical trials for the drug on humans with HD. The results of that however could be years away. I guess it depends on individual cases as to the best action to take.
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Scarlett D.
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Default Re: Mematine

Colette and Matt, thank you both for the info.

I will ask my Neurologist about it when I next see him.

Take Care,
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