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Default Personal Independant Payment

Re: Personal Independant Payment
Originally Posted by toosh View Post
Made a claim in Feb. Didn't hear anything for months. Got a letter on Wed saying hubby had to attend an assessment on Friday in Derby at 8am. Rang em and told them where to get off and where they having a ****ing laugh. Absolute disgrace!!! I have told them hubby won't be attending any clinic because of his anxiety so they said the assessment can be done at the house. Any know what the assessment entails?
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Default Re: Personal Independant Payment

Reposted, did not realise you had moved it. Xx
Unbelievably this week I had the letter for M PIP claim to take him for assessment on 10/10/14 at 16.55pm, on a Friday in the middle of Peterborough. I called them to explain what was going on, and did he need to go, as the hospital could provide all the info, but YES he has to attend, or they won't proceed with the claim. I did think it was quite strange time, so don't know how long it will take, you would have thought the slots would have been at least every quarter hour.

Absolutely ridiculous, no idea of the assessment, only that it will take approx 8 weeks after it to make a decision, took the paperwork to hospital, and they were going to make some phone calls to see if they could get the assessment done at the hospital if it had to be done, they were hoping as professionals they may have more clout. Waiting to hear on that one.

It all takes such a long time, we only applied in May, so not as long as you, but I think that is because we are in a postcode they are looking at moving all claimants off DLA. DLA is another joke, that was suspended in April because of hospital, and they have still not sorted out what M was entitled to with weekend visits home from Feb - May, we are talking a lot of money here £20 weekly divided by 7 days, and of course with him being discharged middle of May and re admitted end July, it has seriously complicated the calculation, so it is still with some manager to authorise it can be paid. After the phone call the other week to advise M was back in and we had reached 4 weeks stage, they could not give me any answers to what was happening, as he could not speak to them, obviously as he was in hospital, which was the reason I was calling, and was told it was now looking very complicated and it would be suspended until he came home. I can't imagine the pickle they will get into if they decide he is eligible for PIP and have to back date it to May, the mind boggles. You would think they would have a computer system to load all the data in and the calculation would be done.
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Default Re: Personal Independant Payment

Hello Both

We had grant's PIP assessment on Friday morning.

A letter arrived on Monday informing us of the assessment. I decided not to tell Grant straight away as he had an appointment with his consultant in Cardiff on Wednesday and I didnt want to overload him.

The assessment was held at home and lasted for about 40 minutes. She basically re questioned us on the questions in the form. She also asked us other questions, such has how many days a week does your condition affect you!

She asked about routines, personal hygiene, social events and ability to work.

After the questions came a cognitive test, which Grant was told not to worry about as they were really easy questions ( I felt this was the wrong expression to use as they may be easy for some )

1st question - you have £1 and you spend 75p how much change would you have? No problem for Grant

2nd - Starting at 100 count backwards in intervals of 7 ( I couldn't do this easily myself)

3rd - Spell world backwards ( grant is awful at spelling )

and that was the end of the assessment.

Grant was very anxious through the assessment and I found I spoke a lot of the time for him. Sweat was pouring off him, I felt it was unnecessary and caused him a lot of stress. Surely a dr's recommendation should be enough
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Default Re: Personal Independent Payment

Originally Posted by toosh View Post
I have told them hubby won't be attending any clinic because of his anxiety so they said the assessment can be done at the house. Any know what the assessment entails?
Hi Tosh

Have a look at this for all your answers:

Will I have to travel far for my assessment?

That depends on which company does the assessments in your area. If you are in a Capita area then you are very likely to have your assessment in your home. If you are in an Atos area then you will only get a home medical if you can convince Atos that there is a strong medical reason why you cannot attend an assessment centre.

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