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Default Re: Life insurance advice

Hi all

Elementum is a Financial Adviser who have knowledge of HD (they have supported a number of people and spoken at some of our events) it would be worth giving them a call to get some initial advice:

Best wishes

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Default Re: Life insurance advice

Thank you Ruth,
will get onto them today.
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Default Re: Life insurance advice

Originally Posted by Joseharry View Post
Thanks for all your advice. I too have read all the official stuff and my understanding is that the insurance companies cannot force you to test, reveal a test result, or refuse you cover ( under 500k) but can charge whatever they like!
Would love to just have the name of an insurance company that does not ask the big HD question or the name of a broker that can find a reasonable rate.

Jenny, I noticed that you are local to me. I have never been to any of the branch meetings but do now get the newsletters.
Fiona, our SHDA is wonderful ....she has really helped us, through her we are now recieving top rate PIP , carers allowance, have a blue badge, freedom pass etc etc....we would not have had a clue without her!
If ever you fancy a chat, please feel free to message me. I am on FB too.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Hi Brenda, thanks we have Fiona coming in a couple of weeks, hubby not showing any "symptoms " as yet so don't think he can apply for anything yet, I actually receive all of the above for myself but will probably need her help in the future to make sure he gets everything he needs, he's actually off work as he told his employer and they won't let him return at the mo, waiting for occ health appointment but it's taking forever and is stressful as its too early for him to give up work although if he's off much longer he won't want to go back - he's currently asleep which winds me up as he seems to sleep all the time!!!
I too just want someone to tell me a good insurance company so if anyone can assist us I'd be really grateful!
Best wishes
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Default Re: Life insurance advice

Hello, sorry I haven't been on the message board for a while... If it's any help to anyone...

I managed to get life insurance through a whole of market financial advisor (he did not charge a fee for this). However, there was a 300% mark up on the monthly cost. With a company called bright grey. He could not find anyone who would give me 'critical illness' cover at all.

(My dad had HD, I am at risk)

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Default Re: Life insurance advice

Hi there,

Sadly can't help with companies that will give life insurance but I know that FriendsLife wont give life insurance as I applied with them through my mortgage broker and got refused.

What I can tell you is, who ever you go with can't ask for any details regarding testing etc. As I have been tested and don't have the gene. I have now notified them of this as they told me by law they can't ask about genetic testing. I'm waiting to hear back from them

sorry it isn't very helpful but I thought I would share my experience

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