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Default New study reveals a potential HD biomarker

Click on the link below to take you to the HD Buzz Article

HD Buzz

or HERE for the BBC Article.

It's a biggy in HD Breaking News terms.

I ask myself this though...

What DORK decided to announce this on the same day as a General Election? Talk about mis-timing in terms of knowing some other event was likely to dominate the News today
I tried.
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Default Re: New study reveals a potential HD biomarker

Wish some could help people living and dying now having to fight for adequate accomodation fight for care fight for benefits and exhausted from caring .

There are a lot of could words may words potential words needs more research words and we have to watch our loved ones suffer .

Will they start predicting onset before any treatments found it will the treatment she available when onset predicted ?

As things stand at the moment I know know for the person with hd is helped at this point but I'm stupid so will watch for more . I'm last of three generations with this disease so for me and my family it's all too late anyway and the disease is stopped as we didn't have children .

I truly think all of the science community could benefit from spending g a weekin the home of carers and people with hd and I extend an open invitation to anyone who might like to witness hd up close and personal outside of a clinical setting x

It's great news for the future but for those of us without a future it's sadly just words x
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Old 20-06-17, 10:14 PM   #3
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Default Re: New study reveals a potential HD biomarker

Hi Trish and Jaq

Wow having participated in both Track-on and a couple of the spinal fluid projects - this is an exciting development as a blood test would be very much easier for medical staff to administer.

Effectively if you test positive now you watch for onset on a misplaced word, or stumble or something you drop or something you forget or when you are off on a rant !

I think the editors of HD Buzz do have a close up relationship with the sharp end of HD.

Finding something that could help with Alzeihmers (haven't checked spelling) and the huge numbers of people affected by that will surely provide much more data more quickly.

A cure may not come quickly enough for me but I do think there has been some progress over the last couple of years and the picture is much brighter medically (although Brexiting will certainly not help)

At the same time we have seen cuts in social care and a government determined to wring out whatever compassion was in the system. I am sorry to hear you feel exhausted. I would like to extend your invitation to the medical profession to the cabinet and see what they think after a month or better still a year or ten.

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Old 21-06-17, 08:13 AM   #4
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Default Re: New study reveals a potential HD biomarker

Yes cabinet members would be a good idea maybe they could commission one of those wife swap type programmes but with carers !

My partner did the spinal fluid trial as a control . It's all beginning to yield results so for families in the future there is lots of hope .

Jaq x x
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