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Old 04-05-08, 09:21 PM   #11
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Default Re: creatine

trish hun,

I know you are a superstar, could you in bite size portions do me a brief run down on all these supplements. one i can print off and refer too. also where to get hold of the stuff in the uk. I'm preparing myself to do battle for my siblings sometime this year and would like to be 100% informed. When I try and follow up this stuff i get distracted and lose concentration by bubba, also it's a lot of stuff to get to grips with. Bro is on tetrabenzine and nothing else....god knows what my sister is on if anything.

this would mean I owe you double

Kath XXX
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Old 21-05-08, 08:14 PM   #12
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Default Re: creatine


I would definately post this question on the HDAC, I know a few on there use it. I have it but have never thought to weigh it I have just trusted them as their product was/is used in the actual trials. I don't have any to hand or I would weigh some myself. I have just advised one sachet in the morning and another in the evening. I think maybe in light of all the hassle the micronised ? ( can't remember the correct term) purest form of creatine from any reputable seller is just as good. It was only because it is already measured plus was used in the trials that I have bought it. There have not been any extra customs charges but I have found the customer services dreadful and did have payment problems.
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Old 07-09-08, 02:33 PM   #13
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Default Re: creatine

I went to Holland and Barratt on a family trip, got a whole load of supplements and I was looking for Creatine but I couldnt find it. I eventually found it in the body builder section and that threw me because I didnt know if that was the right stuff or not, can someone please advise?

Also it mentions it helps you build up muscle and put weight on, i'm a pretty stocky guy already and a bit overweight from my stint in Texas so im thinking to myself do I really need this or it this really meant for symptomatic people who have dramatically lost weight because of the increased muscular activity when the 'shakes' occur?

I read the label all over and it didnt mention anything about being good for HD sufferrers. Do you all take Creatine? have you had any adverse side effects?
can you drink alcohol with it? (sorry , I had to slip that in )
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Default Re: creatine

I believe that is the right stuff Pat. It is for body builders and is used by the fitness fanatics.
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Old 07-09-08, 06:29 PM   #15
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Default Re: creatine

Thanx all for the info, it was very handy :)
DH has (sort-of) offered to be my drug dealer where Creatine is concerned.
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