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Default Christmas Adverts & The Great Rip Off

Myself & Jaq in here were exchanging thoughts on Social Media the other day about how we could have done a better job than John Lewis on their Christmas Advert with a budget of £7.50; a few MiniSybils etc and a bit of tinkering with Windows Media

For anyone who has not seen the £7,000,000 advert (Yes that does read 7 Million Pounds and I have not left my finger on the zero key although some reports say £1 million but most say 7) here it is as explained in a press article:


We would love to have been able to take that budget (minus our £7.50 costs lol) and donate towards HDA & HD Research. But heyyyyyyyy


The other day I saw a more worthwhile video. It was a likkle cartoon for Alzheimer's Research called ' Santa Forgot'.

Here it is:


I was thinking how cool it would have been had someone thought of doing similar for the HDA. And then I remembered my post in December 2010 and my little poem

My 2010 Post link is

I have reproduced the poem below also. Does anyone else feel blooms Alzheimer's have nicked my idea?

Twas Christmas Day on Message Board,
And cheers were heard all around,
A new thread had appeared on site,
It read 'HD CURE FOUND!'

The Member's name was 'Santa Claus',
He'd opened up a letter,
The child who wrote it asked one thing,
'Please make my daddy better'

It touched his heart that this small child,
Was not like other boys,
He didn't want a list of things,
Like others wanting toys.

So Santa went to Tinkerbell,
Who got down off the tree,
And asked if she had any thoughts,
On how to cure HD.

Tinker said to Santa Claus,
You should have time to spare,
To smuggle out all research notes,
Whilst leaving presents there.

And having dashed around the world,
Removing files from shelves,
He emptied sacks for scrutiny,
By Tinker and the elves.

Combining their collective skills,
They sorted all the data,
And with a wave of wand or two,
The cure came minutes later.

Tinker ran to Santa Claus,
“Eureka” was her cry,
And Santa loaded up the sleigh,
With sacks all piled up high

He dashed around the world again,
Returning files all round,
But on each desk he left a file,
With what his team had found.

Now one stop left before return,
Much to Rudolph’s joy,
He paid a visit leaving toys,
For one unselfish boy.

I know Disney would have had something to say about using the name 'Tinkerbell' but I'm sure we could have worked around that
I tried.
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Default Re: Christmas Adverts & The Great Rip Off


yes the budgets are sickening but lucky charities that get donations on the back of the campaigns .

We did a little piece with carers UK last Christmas the 12 days of caring they filmed Mark and I doing various tasks I joked at the time would be a good Christmas campaign for something or other .

and here we are again still caring still cleaning up and clearing up and wiping up up and fighting for funding and fighting fir benefits and fighting .

we are the invisible at christmas and the rest of the year .

I am carer get me out of here please x
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