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Genealogy, children, PGD Discuss family and preimplantation genetic diagnosis issues

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Default PGD pickle.

My OH is HD+. He is 25 and I am 21. We have always wanted children however both of his parents are no longer with us. We didnt realise that we needed their DNA for PGD. However, they are going to try his half brothers DNA. If this doesnt work then we may try to conceive naturally and see what the outcome is. But I dont like the thought of abortion. However, I dont think I could knowingly put my child through the possibility of inheriting this illness.

I was hoping someone could give me some sort of time line when it comes to the PDG. Or does it vary from each couple? We have been agreed funding.

Thank you. Eve
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Default Re: PGD pickle.

Hi Eve,

I'm sorry I can't provide the answers to your questions, but I wanted to welcome you to the board and say I think you're doing a very brave and sensible thing.

Tc, Matt.
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Default Re: PGD pickle.

Hi Eve,

I am a bit puzzled here, but I also know nothing at all about the PGD process. Why would they need DNA from the parents of your OH? I thought you produce the goods and they are checked for the gene, did they explain why DNA from any other member of the family is needed.

Glad you have the funding for this and please forgive my ignorance on PGD.

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Default Re: PGD pickle.

Thank you all for your posts.

Buddybird they need his parents DNA to find out which chromosone the HD strand is on. If that makes sense?!

We are hopefully having it done at Guys and St Thomas' in London. They said that they would try and see if his half brothers DNA is enough but not to gold our breath.

Megan No we havent got a genetic councellor yet. However, we havent had our first meeting yet but as I am outside the usual age range we had to put forward a case for funding before we started which we have be granted.

Eve x
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Default Re: PGD pickle.

Hi there Eve

When we initially looked into PGD at Guys they never mentioned parents dna. As I understood it the hd gene is always on chromosome 4 and I thought they simply go through the same stages as IVF then test the embryo prior to implantation to see if it has the gene. This is how my hubbys genetic counsellor explained it to us. As it happens we went down the cvs route in the end.

Good luck xx
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Default Re: PGD pickle.

My understanding was that they only needed the parents DNA if the person at risk did not wish to know their own status. So then they could check the lineage. Cmiz is correct in her thinking that the gene is on chromosome 4. It doesn't move.
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