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Genealogy, children, PGD Discuss family and preimplantation genetic diagnosis issues

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Old 15-11-17, 11:04 PM   #1
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Default PGD process

This is my first post as I have just registered today :) I just wanted to get other people's experiences of PGD.
My partner is at risk of HD, we have both known for a long time as his dad was diagnosed with HD around 10 years ago. He is not yet presenting with any symptoms ( he is 49, onset seems to be later in his family). My partner has decided he does not want to take the test as he "doesn't want his life to be on a countdown" which I think is completely understandable. We have been seeing the genetic counsellor for just over a year and we have just taken the plunge and got referred to guys hospital in London for PGD as we want to start a family. We are still in our 20s so we are still young, I'm hoping this will increase our success rate... although that's probably not how it works :/ we know the process can take a long time and that's why we have decided to start now

So I guess my questions are;
Has anyone been to guys hospital before for pgd and what was your experience? We were told by the geneticist that they are the best and have the most experience.
How long was it till you got a first appointment after being referred?
How long did it take before the 1st cycle? I'm expecting around 12 months?
Because we are doing 'exclusion therapy' because my partner doesn't want to find out, will this decrease our success rate ?
Just any info and experience around the whole thing would be great!! :) x
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Default Re: PGD process

Hi Nessie,
I'm also interested to hear about people's experience of PGD.
We're in a similar position to you, having just been referred for PGD to Care Nottingham as we hope to start a family. I feel a little in limbo at the moment and am sure I just need to wait until our first appointment to ask questions and get the information we need. I'm keen to know how long it will be until the first appointment and then subsequent appointments and treatment. We've known we would go down this route for a long time so this is no surprise. However, friends and family are not in the loop, so feeling a bit lonely.
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Default Re: PGD process

Thank you for reaching out ! It's nice to hear from some else else who is in a similar position. I kind of feel the same way, I keep telling myself that I just need to forget about it until I get that letter through with an appointment but I am constantly checking if we have got any post, and constanty googling anything that might help us succeed in the process.
(If I'm this obsessive now what am I going to be like when we actually start!)
I have found this on guys hospital website
So I bet it'll be the same process for you? We were told it will take about 12months from referral to embryo transfer so that's what we are expecting at the minute but obviously other things can happen which could delay it.
We have also decided not to tell family/friends until we were further into the process, so I know that it can get a bit lonely .. and I sometimes feel like just blurting it out ! Lol

Anyway keep me updated with how you're getting on! :)
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