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Default Re: Recipes

Great recipe for those who a) have difficulty swallowing and b) have a tendency to lose weight but c) still enjoy their food:
Salmon bread and butter pudding
8 large slices white bread
45g butter softened
150g smoked salmon, flaked (but any salmon will do)
4 eggs
500 ml milk
250 ml single cream
2 tbspn finely chopped fresh chives (we didn't have any so didn't use)
ditto tarragon
1 tbspn mustard
60g grated cheddar cheese
1. Preheat oven to 200C. Grease 2 litre ovenproof dish.
2. Spread both sides of bread with butter and cut slices into trngles. Layer bread sightly overlapping in dish. Sprinkle with salmon.
3. Whisk eggs, milk, cream, chives, tarragon, mustard and half the cheese in a bowl until combined. Season. Pour half the mixture over the bread and stand for one hour. (Sure this really isn't necessary - Chris.)
4. Pour remaining egg mixture into dish. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top. Place dish into a large baking dish. Add enough hot water to come half way up the side of the ovenproof dish. Cover loosely with foil. Bake 25 minutes. Uncover. Bake a further 20 minutes or until set. Remove pudding from baking dish and stand 5 minutes before serving.

It's a fab dish and really easy to eat! Enjoy!
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Default Re: Recipes

Sounds yummy for those of us who just like our food too...thank you for sharing!!
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Default Re: Recipes

I loves a bit of salmon - variation on a good old fish pie and could be made with tuna, mince, quorn mince too I guess. Reminds me of the African dish Babotti aswell which is a mince concoction with bread added. Tasty....
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Default Re: Recipes

I would second these comments, I decided to monitor my wifs pulse over a 24hour period she had peaks of 150bpm and at rest of 96bpm so if you compare that to the figures for athletes she is burning in excess of 3000 calories a day! As carers we should be trying to match intake of calories to the rate they are burning and ideally whilst it is easier we sould try to get them to the top of the BMI scale we aim for between 25 and 26 to give her a buffer, my one hint would be to add horlicks to porridge for breakfast it doubles the calories and ups the vitamins etc and is not to expensive.

Originally Posted by Trish View Post
Thanks for resurrecting this Thread Prolent

I've noticed in this, and some of the other posts you write from scanning through, you have an interest in health and well being.

That's very good for all people be they from a HD perspective or not so I would not want to stop you from adding your input if people are looking at topics like green tea. However, you may want to do some research on the other side of health and Huntington's disease in respect of weight loss.

Please take into consideration, at the point when some people are seeking advice (as was the case with this Thread) they are looking for tips etc on how to increase weight for their HD person not how to decrease.

My husband was tantamount to a living skeleton when he died. His weight decreased dramatically in the earlier stages; we managed to get him back on course with the help of a dietitian to help gain weight, but then his weight plummeted again in the latter stages. That is even with all the calories and high value food and supplements I tried to help feed him with. A combination of the progression of HD; excessive calorie burning by his system and the fact he didn't want to have a peg feed tube.

Please take that into consideration in terms of posting about weight reduction in this Message Board. Weight reduction is good in many contexts but not always the case in a Huntington's community.
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Default Re: Recipes

I used to try mocha shake after every workout. My instructor has recommended me. It refreshens all of the strengthen and energy. I am sharing the recipe for better understanding.

Recipe : Mocha shake

Source: Masala TV
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